“Sweet, immersive and refreshingly varied.”

-The Ergonomics of Desire review on Dusted Magazine

"Sounds tiptoe gracefully here, and have a cinematic sheen to them. These are delicate, elegant compositions." 
-The Topography of Vibrating Bodies listed among The Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp, April 2018


- Slender Loris in the Top 10 Experimental Albums on AshevilleFM 103.3 WSFM NACC Charts


-Interview on PHX RISING - 8/12/2017


"So when I say Dovetail sounds like the work of Tim Hecker (especially the Radio Amor, Ravedeath, 1972 variety), I mean to offer only a cursory description and, above all else,
a high compliment."
-review of "Dovetail" on A Closer Listen"


"...this strange marriage is a successful one. Partners communicate and share things and interesting dialogues develop. Absolutely a satisfying musical meeting between an
electric and an acoustical instrument, which often is not the case."
-review of Slender Loris "Two Parts Helium" on Vital Weekly


"Fading into a wonderfully warm harmonic haze, washed out by it’s own distortion and reverb, “Exiles” from contemporary ambient composer Tsone turns out to be a little
known masterpiece."
-review of "Exiles" on Tone Harvest


"These tracks exude a sense of slowly awakening sound, of beams poking over the horizon..."
-review of "At Last, the Splintering Light" on A Closer Listen


"I feel that it would be perfectly suited to a slow but vivid dream in a sparse wilderness, full of emptiness yet still beautiful."
-review of "At Last, the Splintering Light" on Craigness


"The duality of happiness and contemplation, company and loneliness is advected into every stratum, sequence and note of this release, making Eclipsing Shelters a
wonderfully thought-provoking and balmy gem in the veins of Celer's thematic two-track next of kin Lightness And Irresponsibility of 2012. Tsone is one Drone artist to watch.
A terrific EP!"
-review of "Eclipsing Shelters" on Ambient Exotica