Tony Obr (b.1980) is a musician, sound designer, composer, visual artist and educator. He often works at the confluence of art, technology, and performance, focusing on innovative uses of sound in musical and non-musical contexts. His work frequently centers on the development of interactive systems for electronic music performance, dance performance, and art installation. He plays live electronics and woodwinds in the performance art, experimental noise and free-improv ensemble Datura, as well as with saxophonist Keith Kelly in their duo Slender Loris. Since 2013 he has worked as chief sound designer, and has developed interactive sound systems for Grisha Coleman’s echo::system.

His visual design has been featured in album artwork and poster design, most notably for the record label txt recordings. As an educator he has taught electronic music and sound design courses at Paradise Valley Community College since 2014. As a composer he works under the moniker tsone. His compositions can be characterized as ranging from warm, gauzy, electronic detritus to blast of impenetrable walls of sound. His work has been released on a number of international recording labels including: Home Normal, txt recordings, Schematic Music Company, Sunwarped, Tessellate Recordings, Stereoscenic, Tsuku-Boshi, Audiotalaia, Dark Era Tapes, and Pocket Fields.